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Rainy Days at Preschool

13 Oct

When I dropped off my daughter this morning it was pouring outside and the inside of the building was dark. The power was out. Upon opening the front door I was greeted with not-so-happy childcare provider and the screams of children…. it was only 9:15 a.m. The look on the teacher’s face screamed, “This is not going to be a good day.”

I couldn’t even imagine taking care of a group of 10 preschoolers, let alone having them crazed from being inside all day and without electricity. In this situation I could only think of one thing: Richard Scarry.

The Best Ever!!

The Best Ever!!

Yes, the man obsessed with all things German and Pickles, but most known as the creator of Lowly Worm. There are many good books out there to tell you what to do with cooped up kids on a rainy day, but Scarry’s “Best Rainy Day Book, Ever” is filled with puzzles, paper dolls, and stories that are great for preschoolers. There are even activities that take children through the seasons, a wonderful way to escape the boredom of being inside all day.

I know that it seems easy to just plop the kids – or even yourself – infront of the TV all day, but there is something about activities to keep the mind sharp. Plus paper dolls rock!


A little introduction…

6 Oct

What does a newly unemployed journalist do when they find themselves home with the kids on a daily basis? Blog of course!

Hello world. My name is Tara Taylor and I will be your narrator for the next few months, years, however long this sticks. Hey I might even like blogging. One thing for sure is that it is a way for me to keep writing.

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