These are my favorite things

25 Nov

I tend to geek out about pop culture. I am an avid teen novel junkie, love watching retro commercials, and my favorite sweatshirt has a picture of Jem on it. Truely Outrageous

So of course I would want to inflict this on my children.

I was the mother pushing a stroller in the line of the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at Pegasus. And of course my 1-year-old daughter had a lighting blot drawn in eyebrow pencil across her forehead, it only seemed appropriate. She was kept up all night in the middle of a pack of tweens and overly excited booksellers so that her mother could give into her obsession.

I have dressed her in Adidas track suits, without the shell toes, as an ode to my favorite rap group. She knows all the words to Another One Bites the Dust and could pick out Freddie Mercury out of a line up. She can tell you who that frogs can hip hop better than other cartoon animals. But recently I wondered if I might have to start to filter my pleasantries.

Recently I have been swooning over Kings of Leon, a band whose it Sex on Fire single has been dominating the radio airwaves for months. I, not wanting my daughter to repeat the words, would make up my own and sing them at the top of my lungs in the car as the song played. This way I get my fix and she won’t know the difference, right? “Oh, this dress is on fire,” the two of us would sing. The other day I wasn’t on top of my mommy game, and I forgot to cover up the lyrics. Next thing I know, I hear in the back “Sex on fire, what?” Okay it is not like the kid has not heard the word sex, but it caught me off guard. I did what anyone would do in this situation, I lied.

“No he said ‘Dress on fire.'”

“Mommy! Sex on fire.”

And so went the battle. I realized that I would never get to listen to my precious Kings of Leon with her around, and put on Madonna full blast to switch the subject.

Another incident that had me scratching my head was a game her and her buddy are now playing at school. As you can figure I am a Twilight geek, and proud of it, thank you very much!

“Today at school we played Bella and Edward.”

“OH, how do you play that?”

“Naja is Bella and I am Edward.”


“She swims and I stand there and look at her.”

Now if you aren’t familiar with the story the game sounds odd, but if you are it is just creepy. It is from a commercial where Bella jumps off a cliff so that she can see the ghost of her vampire boyfriend.

I think I might have to tone down my geek, for the sake of the kids of course.


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