Recession Lunch ala Costco

3 Jan

Since loosing my job in October I have had a lot of time on my hands with a very active 1-year-old. It has made me become very creative with my outings, not to mention finding stuff to do out of the house on cold day has become essential to my mental survival. I leave the house by 9 a.m. to drop off my daughter at school, that leaves me with three whole hours before “nap time” or lunch and an attempt at “nap time.” With more than two months of practice I have created a wonderful collection of activities to do with my son that are entertaining for the both of us.

1) Walking around the block. With a baby this could take a good half an hour, but if it is cold out that leaves me moving over to plan B.

2) Library time. There are great libraries around the Bay Area, four on my way back home from dropping Celia off. There is one (El Cerrito) that I avoid when the boy is awake, some librarian shooshed him the other day, leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

3) The mall or Ikea. I know that this sounds horrible, but he can run all around and no one is stopping the kid from climbing up a short set of stairs or running up and down the wheelchair ramps. Not to mention the kid’s sections of department stores.

After killing time in the morning hours, this makes way for my favorite activity of the day: Lunch at Costco. Since I am on unemployment, I no longer can drop $7 on a good lunch, but at Costco samples are free. All I have to do is flash my Costco card (or an old one, since I am not buying anything they won’t know if I have paid my membership or not). I strap the kid in the cart and we are off.

Sure I would love to sample that cracker; oh, can I get one for the baby? Is that salmon? Are those cookies on sale?

It is that simple. Sure I might not be full, but the baby is. And by then he might even lie down for a nap.


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