Is the Recession Pushing Super Mom to the Edge?

21 Jan

There are things that scare me: bears, lion, Ebola virus, and Super Moms.

When I write Super Mom, I mean those mothers who use their masters in liberal arts or marketing to create spreadsheets for household chores; insist that their children go to dance, baseball, soccer, and piano class after school everyday to “balance out” their education. Those moms who wanted children so badly that they ended up using fertility treatments, but only after they served on the board of trustees for 10 years to find their eggs were gone. Then once pregnant with twins, forget their accomplishments or resent their children for not having a life anymore. personally feel it is a backlash to our feminist mothers, combine with too many choices – resulting in a trip back in time where housewives were all the rage. While we are at it why don’t we bring back dowries.

So it is no shock to those who know me best, that I was opalled by a Huston TV report (carried by Headline News) that a mother had… “Planned all the family meals for a year to save money.” This is Super Mom to the extreme. And thanks to the recession this is now headline news. Along side updates on the death toll in Haiti and the Republicans taking Massachusetts; Leslie Chisolm gets airtime because she made a spreadsheet of her families meals “to cutback on spending.”

Sorry KTRK, but this is not news.

Not only is this not news it adds to the Super Mom hysteria. There is so much pressure on mothers already. To parent their children better than they had been parented, make sure their kids are active, have their child out performing the other children in the neighborhood, constantly reminding their children that they are “unique” and “special,” that now adding yearly meal plans will push them over the edge. Competition with mothers is rampant, especially with stay-at-home-moms. If you ever want a picture of this go to a Gymboree class, where mothers are asking each other what percentile their infant is in.

Leslie Chisolm explains it best, “Dinnertime has to be organized.”

Who told her that? Why?

How about starting with the fact that feeding your children is an act of a “good mother.” Forget if it is a bowl of cereal at night, or a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast, or that it is unbalanced. You can make it up later in the day. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be so structured that there is no room for mistakes.

Come on people, don’t blame this on the recession; there is something deeper here. Maybe like the housing market, this can be used to reset what it means to be a “Super Mom.”


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