Is Tim Allen Stalking Me?

12 Apr

Our household is a big fan of Pixar. Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, Ratatouille… if Pixar created it we own the DVD or some form of product produced to accompany the movie. And I can’t blame this obsession on the kids, it is Mommy who is the biggest Pixar fan in the house, but lately I have been wondering if the Toy Story series was created to drive parents bonkers.

Note to psychiatrists reading this blog: I think Tim Allen is stalking me. And the worst part is he has enlisted my son’s help to seek me out.

I hear his voice in the middle of the night, calling out: “To infinity, and beyond.” His cartoon image is haunting me in the bathroom on towels and pajamas. And worst of all, his faint voice can be heard even when I am driving my car to work.  I am going to have a Buzz Lightyear breakdown.

Well it is not that bad.. I do not hear Buzz Lightyear calling out to space command at work; but the reality is my son’s love for Buzz is starting to cause a nervous twitch.  It is not his image, but the voice that is attached with it. He might as well sound like Donald Trump (ugh!). All this Buzz backlash is making me ask is there really, too much Tim Allen?

I have to remind myself it could be worse, and Buzz could be making that awful grunting noise that Allen was famous for in his TV show “Home Improvement.”




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