Prince and Princess of Fun

29 Apr

With everyone crazed about the union of Prince William and Kate Middleton, I thought it might provide a list of places where you and your little one can be kings and queens for the day:

Crown & Crumpet Tea Room:  Tucked in Ghirardelli Square, this formal tea house is a great way to spend the day pretending to be a royal or Fancy Nancy.  Enjoy a pot of tea with mini-scones and cookies.  There is even a little gift shop where you can pick up tea-themed items. 207 Ghirardelli Square, 900 North Point, San Francisco. Reservations (415) 771-4252.

Children’s Fairyland: It doesn’t need to be Halloween to show up dressed up to this play area, full of castles and fairy princesses. While it might not be Westminster Abbey, take a walk through the Chapel of Peace and hold your own “wedding.” 699 Bellevue Ave., Oakland. $8 admission.

Water Polo: While the favorite pastime of most royals is Polo (played on horses), the only polo field in the Bay Area is a great place to go to view a concert not a game featuring sweaty Dukes and Princes. There are plenty of pools in Bay Area that will gladly host a game of water polo. Sit on the sidelines with a nice floppy hat and watch the kids score!

Chess: This game is all about kings and queens. Sit down and teach your children the game, if you want to get real fancy you can move your pieces with your pinkie pointed out. Check out Children’s Wonderland Park in Vallejo’s life-size chess board. $2 entry fee.


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