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New Year’s Balloon Drop for Kids

28 Dec

Every year the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland, Ca

 has a New Year’s eve balloon drop as a way for kids to celebrate New Year’s Eve without becoming cranky pants because they have stayed up too late.

Here’s a video of the balloon drop in action


Try this at home. All you need is a package of balloons, someone with strong lungs, a sheet, a digital clock with a seconds counter (you can even just bring up a clock on your computer), and a handful of excited kids.

Pin one side of the sheet to a high point in the living room so that your hands are free – or if you have two adults they can just stand holding the sheet above the kids. Fill the sheet with as many balloons as it will hold without spilling out, then begin the count down; letting the balloons drop the “crowd’s” heads at the screaming of “Happy New Year”. You can repeat the whole experience every hour, until bedtime if you choose, taking breaks for sparkling apple cider and pizza.

If you have older kids who can make it until midnight, I recommend going outside with a bunch of pots and pans and spoons from the kitchen to “bang in the New Year.”