WTF Fridays – Men in Labor (in a beautiful room)

26 Jan

This week there have been some great videos floating around but the best has to be a video of two Dutch men who undergo “simulated labor” where electrodes are attached to their ripped abs to simulate contractions:

Watch here but forget the beginning part and speed forward to about 6 minutes in where they begin crying in pain and at some point it looks like they are giving up and asking for drugs.

Now it is around the 6.34 minute mark that I have WTF moment, its all great and funny watching these two young dudes cry out in pain but I start to get distracted by the background. What is that in the left corner, is that a sweet looking tub? Those look like really nice blankets, I wonder what the thread count is on those sheets? surprising-labor-and-delivery-facts-woman-in-labor-full

See I am an American, I like most American’s had my babies in a hospital. In a nasty tan room, without any soft peach lighting (like these dudes), there was no bathtub, nor was there a great big satin pillow to scream into. Here was the moment for me to witness a man understand real labor pains and I am distracted by how beautiful their labor room is. There are also two wonderful women helping them breath through the pain, not some nurse who is breezing in to check on you while she manages three other patients while getting paid half of what the doctors make.

And the kicker! Since this video is Dutch these guys (or ladies) don’t have to pay for the sweet setup since its included in their national healthcare plan.

Well, I guess watching videos of owls is a safer pastime for me on Friday afternoons.


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