Laundry Day

18 Feb

Laundry is a chore no matter how you fold it (good one huh?) Well for parents it is something that has looms or fester (depending on the week’s activities of your children) in the corner of your house until it starts talking to you or you just run out of underwear.

As a single person or a non-breeder you have no idea how much laundry can accumulate in a week. You dedicate a few hours to doing your laundry and cleaning your house all in one day, then you might celebrate by hosting a dinner party later that night or going out on a date. Before kids, you would do things like drop off dry cleaning and then actually pick it up!

Once you have a baby that all changes. You find out quickly about which stain treatments work on baby poop, that pee soaked clothes actually can’t be ignored after sitting in a basked for more than 4 days (the smell overtakes the house), and that sometimes it’s just okay to throw out an item of baby clothing that is too gross to take out of a plastic bag and put into the washer (you never liked that onesie anyway). But in the end it all comes down to sheer volume of little people clothes that breaks you. At some point, maybe around the 14 month of your child’s life you decide folding is for suckers. Laundry_in_Paris

Well for you bitter laundry haters I have a glimmer of hope: The laundromat. It is my best kept secret.

I have become a lover of the laundromat (full discloser I have never owned a home where I could have my own washer).

Driven to the brink of exhaustion from walking back and forth from my apartment to the wash room in my building and having by neighbors roll their eyes at me for washing more than a single load, I started doing laundry every other week at my local wash-house. Now this sounds crazy, since there is a washer I can access any time of day in my building, but I have created a sanctuary at my laundromat and I was sick of being two quarters short of a load, not to mention the girl from apartment 24C and her eye rolling.

The laundromat is a place for me go sans my children (there are usually other kids there, but I am not responsible for their horrible behavior so they don’t bug me and they make my kids look like angels for the day). I spend my laundry day listen to music, reading books, or watch tv and munching on unhealthy snacks. It’s worth spending the extra cash for some time alone.

Not all laundry houses are the same, so it might take a few visits to find the right one. Now the key to this is going on a day or evening when no one is there. Sunday and Friday nights are wonderfully quiet. Make sure there is an attendant there during the time you will be washing, they hold the remote and if you befriend them they will turn on Downton Abby for you, not to mention if the machine eats your money they can help. DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILDREN! This is very important, if you bring them they will just make your evening go to s$@t in a few minutes. Note: Some parents will gladly take your kids for a playdate if you tell them you just need a few hours to do laundry. Bring headphones and some technology, even if you are planning to watch Mr. Bates and Anna, this is important to keep the Chatty Cathys at bay. Finally take time to fold, it buys you more time alone, and it will guilt whoever is at home watching the kids into making you dinner or lunch. “I must have done 12 loads of laundry” and “I think I might have tweaked my back lifting a basket into the car” also helps.

The end result of your hours at the washhouse is that you have stacks of clean clothes, where you don’t have to worry about for at least a week, your car smells awesome (thanks to Tide), and you had an opportunity to finish that trashy romance book you were reading (but won’t tell anyone that you own).


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