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My Children Have Great Taste in Music

8 May

It is funny what music kids are drawn to. I clearly recall when my daughter was a little baby her bouncing up and down to Three Six Mafia’s “Ridin’ Spinners”. So it wasn’t a big shock when my 4-year-old son started singing the base line to Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It”. It actually made me proud.

Growing up the daughter of a musician and a woman who married one, I’d like to think I have good taste. Sure I have my guilty pleasures – last year I fulfilled my dream of seeing Madonna in concert and I do own a Katy Perry album. Music has played a great role in my life and I love the fact that music has become just as important in my children’s lives. But it has brought on a dilemma.
What to do about music that I love, but just doesn’t seem right being sung by a kid.

Imagine a little girl singing “Push It”, creepy huh? How about Kings of Leon’s “Sex on Fire”? While I don’t want to force “kid music” on my children, I can see it’s appeal. Lucky for my children that they have creative parents who find it funny to change song lyrics. So “Sex on Fire” becomes “Dress on Fire” and “Push It” becomes “Smoosh It”.

It also makes for interesting dance interpretation. Our version of Salt-N-Peppa’s “smash” hit has a nice dance move to go with it, that is totally kid-appropriate.

Forget Rafi my kids are demanding to listen to Charlie Wilson.