Kids Really Don’t Know How to Play Pokemon!

24 Oct

Kindergarten has brought some interesting things into my life – massive amounts of paperwork, tons of emails from over-achieving parents, cute little girls with lisps, knock knock jokes and so on. Most of it I get or choose to ignore, but the one thing that keeps me bashing my head against the wall is Pokemon.

No I am not talking about the cute cartoon that follows Ash and Pikachu through the the Japanese countryside, but the card game. Will someone please tell me how to play this game????? According to my 5-year-old first you need cards, then another person and a coin. You draw a card, flip the coin, then read him what the card says – which all results in him winning.

According to the YouTube video above, which features my favorite drunk from True Blood sitting in the front row, the game will change your life (much like sobriety or Jesus) and takes almost a half hour to explain. It’s just that simple!

Now I can honestly tell you that a group of kindergarteners, not even 3rd graders, are going to sit through instructions on how you are supposed to play the game. They are just going to make it up as they go along. And while this brand has been around since 1996, the general concept is the same. Parents have to shell out money for cards, kids trade the cards, play some sort of game that doesn’t involve math but violence, parents then shell out more money for cards/binders, and your kid wins!

Oh, and since your kid is kicking ass on the Pokemon battle field you might have to buy more cards.

Now when the get older and you are stuck trying to force them to clean out all their crap from their room and pack for college you might want to refer them to this link


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