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Lego Screwed Up it’s Own Message with Movie Merchandise

25 Feb

Lego Screwed Up it’s Own Message with Movie Merchandise

I took the kids to see The Lego Movie the other day. And yes before you even go on asking, it was awesome!

The movie met all my criteria for a good kids movie. The comedy was funny for both parents and kids, there was one single song (this Mama don’t do musicals) that the kids could sing for a day without me wanting to poke my eyes out, and I didn’t feel like it was a waste of money. As a mom I left super happy at the overall message of the movie, that Legos are supposed to be played with not put upon a shelf to be admired. The storyline that children’s imagination is the key to the Lego universe and that order and going along with instructions defeats the purpose of Legos had me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. I was beginning to feel like Lego was my kind of company and that I was willing to look past their insane price tags and give them a full pat on the back for being an upstanding toy company. I was even on the verge of overlooking their creation of “girl” Legos… well not really, but they were looking a bit better than Disney when I left the movie theater. 

It’s All About the Sales

My warm and fuzzy feeling quickly left my body when I got to Target the next day and walked into the toy aisle. What the hell happened? I found myself staring at a box of Legos, priced at some ungodly amount, that basically took a mix of a bunch of stuff I had at home and slapped The Lego Movie logo on it. Here kids rebuild this scene from the movie with this $69.99 kit featuring all your favorite characters! Did anyone at Lego see the part of the movie where the kid shows his father all the amazing things he created by taking apart all the picturesque worlds? You know the part where Lord Business transforms from tyrannical dictator to fun loving guy????? Or what about the part where all the Lego Minifigures from years past get together in one room? 

Leave it to marketing to miss the point! Or was it all just a ploy by the folks at Lego to get rid of all the loose pieces they had lying around the factory? Did someone say, “Hey I know how we can make a profit off all these unfinished kits. Let’s make a movie so we can box them all up and sell them at outrageous prices!”? 

If you visit the Lego website dedicated just to The Lego Movie merchandise you get even more mixed messages. 


Throughout these play sets, vehicles, characters and buildings from THE LEGO® MOVIE™ come to life. Whatever the high-speed action, your child can pick their own ending, time and time again
I am sorry? What did you just say??? Are you saying that my kid uses these kits to create alternative endings to the movie? So, in this choose your own adventure set Lego wants my kid to disregard the ending message of the movie and not have fun playing but follow the instructions then Super Glue it all together. Thanks!

Well hats off to you Lego for your sneaky way of getting us parents to dole out more cash all in the name of fostering our children’s creativity. I would rather pull out the box of random Legos we already have and let my kids build and create without a visual aide or instruction booklet. 


Must Watch Documentary

23 Feb

This movie will change the way you think about private education and it’s relationship with boys.


Administrators Get it Right With SnowDay Announcements

14 Feb

Since I live in San Francisco I never got to experience a snow day. We got earthquakes and fires, but I imagine waiting to hear that you got the day off from school and you have to stay home can only be made better by your Principal doing his best Freddie Mercury impression.

Use the Dictionary: When Mommy Mispeaks

19 Jan
Thanks a lot Oxford!!!!

Thanks a lot Oxford!!!!

Growing up a bad speller will spark a love a words if pushed in the right direction. My dad (I thank him daily for this) would NEVER help me spell out a word no matter how nicely I asked. “Look it up in the dictionary” was his response. A horrible speller himself he would watch me spend hours trying to figure out how to spell “notice” or “Arkansas”. My mother on the other-hand was a champion speller and would yell at me for selecting a less complicated word out of pure “lazy spelling.”  The end result was that I fell in love with dictionaries.

I became that teenager, like Ione Skye in Say Anything, who would check off words I have looked up in my massive dictionary. Ironically most of those braincells that were used to absorb that information were wiped away later in my Junior year. The greatest college graduation present I received was a massive hardbound Oxford Dictionary. So, of course when my children were born I aimed to pass on this little obsession to my kids.

I set up rules about making up words, looking up words you can’t spell and the use of a Junior Scrabble board. Well thanks to Oxford Dictionaries and my own mistakes along the way my kid has started to use the term “Selfie” and jumps up when ever anyone is taking a photo and shouts “photo bomb”. The two words have made it into the dictionary along with “fauxhawk”, “digital detox” and “phablet”. I know that they are used everyday, but it is just hard when your 5-year-old asks to have your phablet to take a selfie to not place judgement on society, or myself for that manner since I have now begun saying selfie out loud (I am ashamed of my behavior) – the photo bomb I can blame on my nephew.

It all reminds me of an episode of the late 1990s Disney cartoon Recess. In one episode T.J. and the kids get busted by the adults for saying “that whomps”. The parents and teachers get all up in arms over the use of the word and accuse the kids of swearing, the kids argue that it is just a way to explain something negative without swearing. I remember making up words as a kid. It was fun. But I also remember discovering a new word in the dictionary that perfect described something and adding it into my everyday conversations.

I guess it is time to purchase a new dictionary and start discovering more words that will have my kids’ approval.

Goodbye 2013: An Open Letter to My Children

1 Jan

Dear Kiddos, 

The beginning of the new year means a lot to adults. Each year adults get a kick out of sitting around and talking about their resolutions (things they hope to do) for the coming year. Most of these resolutions or wishes are lame and feature notions like saving money, loosing weight (no one says they hope to learn to love themselves for who they are), quitting a horrible job, etc. But since you guys are not bogged down by adult worries I decided to put a new spin on the resolutions and write down all the amazing things you have done and how being your mother is one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. So since I am fond of lists, here is a list of the rad things and funny things that happened this year. 

1. You both learned how to ride a bike in a day and proved that I have what it takes to be a kick ass mom. 

2. This year’s tantrum highlights: “I just want to meditate!” “I don’t want to get out of the car!” “I just can’t do it!” “You are always picking on me!” “He/she started it.”

3. Someone started kindergarten and begin to read, while someone discovered that the word “balls” is possibly the funniest thing ever heard by a third grader. Both very proud moments for me. 

4. I have learned to be careful what I wish for. I am now the mother of a child with a lightning bolt scar on his forehead…. 

5. You both have learned to love Harry Potter and Dr. Who, which proves that I have good taste and you are going to push me in a wheelchair around Comic-Con when I am 83; and you will love every second of it. 

6. Kisses. There will be a moment when you both decide that kissing your mother is lame, but until then I am taking all the kisses you can give. 

7. While I couldn’t afford to take you to Europe, I did manage to take you to Las Vegas – and to Paris to boot!

8. This was the year that I let my daughter cut her hair short and didn’t cry. This was also the year that I let my son fall in love with three girls and didn’t cry. 

9. Table manners! Tone of voice! Tattle Telling! All things I hope to curb in 2014. 

10 and the most important: You played with each other. I am not sure how much longer this will last but it was the sweetest thing to hear you two play with each other, read stories to each other and put on shows for your dad and I. 



Finally A Diaper Ad that Gets Parenthood

6 Nov

I pay close attention to the ads that target moms. I often blame them for the pressure that parents feel to be perfect, well they don’t get all the blame. I heard about Luvs new ad campaign today and had to check it out. Boy did they do a great job (and no I didn’t get paid for this post)!

Cheers to the creative team Saatchi & Saatchi for creating an ad that for once does not push the product by watching babies crawl across the screen, but shows the realities of motherhood and how much of this whole process is all about learning what works and what doesn’t without the pressure of making it perfect.

A Working Mother’s Day

30 Oct

First let me apologize ahead of time for this rambling post – read on you will understand why.

A glimpse into a working mother’s life.

You wake up while it is still dark and hate your life until you get the coffee pot going. Take a sip and enjoy the silence until you look at the clock and mutter a foul word under your breath and head into your children’s room in attempt to get kids up for school. Here you take some verbal abuse from people who don’t even pay rent, let alone clean up after themselves. After turning on all the lights, tossing off the blankets and spraying them with the water bottle you keep for the cat, they move to the kitchen. 

Magically you have morphed into a short order cook and you find yourself wishing you had added a shot of Bailey’s to that coffee. Breakfast leads into a mad dash for everyone to scream they need the bathroom at once, and you find yourself arguing with a 5-year-old about who needs to poop more. In between the rushing and yelling you somehow toss together your kids lunch, sure you should have made it ahead of time but you were up until 11 the night before watching Game of Thrones praying that the kids were not going to walk in on a guy getting a bj or his head cut off. Today’s lunch consists of stuff that won’t send another kid into anaphylactic shock.

You contain the chaos and head to school only to look back in the mirror to see that your daughter’s hair makes her look like Amy Winehouse. Knowing you shouldn’t ask, you find out that no one brushed their teeth, combed their hair or wiped. GREAT! Somehow you make it to drop the kids off at school only to be cut off by a prettier mom in a nicer car while pulling out of your parking space. Of all the days, this was the one you didn’t shower or put on at least some eyeliner.

Sitting in traffic you reach down for that glorious cup of coffee you so needed, only to smack yourself on the forehead because it is sitting on the counter next to your frozen lunch entree and your cell phone. AWESOME!

Work is basically like being at home where you listen to people complain about stupid things and everyone wants you to do things for them that they could really do on their own, best part is no one wants to share their snacks with you and there is often crappy music coming from someone’s computer. 

At 3 p.m. your work line rings, it is another mom asking if they can pick up your kid for a playdate, where you have to pick your kids up before dinner and no they won’t be doing homework. You have no idea how they got your work number but explaining that they can’t call you at work doesn’t do any good. You attempt for the 19 millionth time that this isn’t going to work out and hang up only to see your boss standing there giving you a look like your personal life is effecting productivity. Your phone starts to ring again, you answer it and its your mother. WINNING!

The day ends and driving home you hit traffic, only to make it the kids’ afterschool program right at the cut off time. You children of course are the only ones there and it is dark outside. The guilt sets in. Then quickly switches to anger after the staff reminds you that they charge by the minute once you are late. Your kids grill you about why you have to pick them up when it is dark during the ride home. I AM AN ASSHOLE!

You get home get the homework drama going and create a dinner of fish sticks, mac and cheese, frozen pancakes, and baby carrots (kids need veggies). You have wine and goldfish crackers, thinking that once they go to bed then you and your mate can have proper dinner will.  RIGHT!

By the time dinner and homework are done you get the kids into bed (which takes about 2 hours and so much yelling your voice is going hoarse and your partner gets a migraine) only to lean in to kiss them good night and get a whiff of something that makes you gag. When was the last time they had a bath? Three days ago? A week? You make a mental note and collapse on the couch and fire up your computer only to be reminded that your kid signed up to bring 100 paperclips and 100 wine corks to class for the 100th Day of School Celebration. You look to the right of you to ask for some help gathering materials only to be met by a snoring partner who had passed out on the couch.

Heading to the trashcan you secretly hope that you might just have drunk enough wine this week to pull it off.